Announcing the EU Video Contest!

25 August 2023
Multiple video reels featuring various in-game screenshots from FINAL FANTASY 14 spread across the image against a starry background of blue and green.

Following on from the amazing entries submitted for the Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas, the video contest returns as part of the Fan Festival 2023 in London celebrations! This time, the theme will be a showcase of your Warrior of Light adventuring in your favourite zone in the game.

Whether you want to show off your favourite fishing spot in Il Mheg, depict your Warrior of Light facing off against fearsome elite marks in Yanxia, or even just a relaxed montage of a leisurely stroll through the Dravanian Forelands, we'd love to see the world of Hydaelyn (or beyond?) as experienced through the eyes of our adventurers.

* Entrants are required to submit their entries via YouTube link. Please note that entries in English, French or German will be accepted. Should you wish to provide subtitles or closed captions in any of these languages for your video, please upload them using YouTube's caption functions.

Review the rules below, and submit your entry by Tuesday, 26 September 2023 at 14:59 (GMT) / 15:59 (BST).



A. Official Rules: The Official Rules for this Promotion consist of both (i) these key rules summarising the important rules for participating in the Promotion (the “Key Rules”) and (ii) the Additional Promotion Official Rules (“Additional Rules”) applicable to your place of legal residence. Please review the Additional Rules at the following URL:

B. Territories: This Promotion is open only to individuals who are legal residents and physically and permanently located in one of the following countries/territories at the date and time of entry (the “Promotion Jurisdiction”):

  • The United Kingdom (excluding British Overseas Territories), France (excluding Overseas France), Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Norway, Australia.

C. Age Limit: This Promotion is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older at the date and time of entry.

D. Entry Period: You may enter the Promotion only between Friday, 25 August 2023 at 15:00 (GMT) / 16:00 (BST) and Tuesday, 26 September 2023 at 14:59 (GMT) / 15:59 (BST) (the “Entry Period”).

E. Entry Procedure and Limitations: In order to enter the Promotion, you must complete the following steps during the Entry Period (collectively your "Entry"):

Step One:

  • Create a short video using in-game footage that showcases your character exploring your favourite zone in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

    • Entrants may only feature one single zone (for example, the open world map would be one zone but an instanced area such as a dungeon would be a separate zone).
    • You may have up to one (1) assistant collaborate to create the video.

      • Assistant may only collaborate on a single Entry.
      • Entrant may not act as an assistant for another person’s Entry.
  • Log into your YouTube account (if necessary, first create a YouTube account for free at YouTube is NOT associated or affiliated with the Promotion in any way.
  • Upload your video entry to YouTube with the "Unlisted" Visibility setting until the conclusion of the voting period.

Video Requirements

  • One (1) video per Entry
  • Video length must be a minimum of fifteen (15) seconds to a maximum of thirty (30) seconds in length.
  • Video Format: 1080p HD or above with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • Video capture and video editing software may be used in the creation of the Entry.

    • Post-processing filters, transitional effects, or resizing of in-game elements within the video software is permitted.
    • Digital animation tools within video editing software may be used to edit in-game footage or in-game screenshots.
  • User-created audio tracks may be incorporated into the Entry.

    • Any included voice acting must be in either English, French or German.
    • In-game subtitles are optional but must be in either English, French or German.
    • Audio may not contain explicit or inappropriate language.
  • Unreleased data-mined assets or in-game footage obtained by using unauthorized third-party software is strictly prohibited in the creation of the video Entry.
  • Users must adhere to the FINAL FANTASY XIV User Agreement and Materials Usage License agreement when creating their video.

    • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the FINAL FANTASY XIV Materials Usage License, no third-party music can be used for any Entry under this contest.

* All Entries must be the original creative work of the entrant or the assistant. You may not submit works created by another person.

* You may submit multiple Entries during the Entry Period; however, only one (1) Entry will be accepted per entrant. If multiple Entries are submitted by the same entrant, only the last entry will be accepted.

* Please refrain from sharing your video publicly until the Fan Festival 2023 in London entries have been shared on the voting website on or around mid-October 2023, in order to protect your Entry.

Step Two:

Submit your Entry via the submission form.

How to Use the Entry Submission Form

  1. After visiting the submission form, log in with your Square Enix Account.
A screenshot of the landing page for the video contest, with the text click the log in button to proceed, and a button saying log in underneath.

2. Enter the required information. After you log in, the entry submission form will be displayed. Fill out all the required information.

  • Character Name
  • Home World Name
  • The URL to your Character Profile on Lodestone (Ex.
  • Nickname
  • Video Title
  • Video URL
  • Featured Zone
  • Preferred In-game Item Prize (See Prize section)
  • One (1) assistant who assisted with the creation of the video entry
    *Additional players may assist with creating the video but only the Entrant and Assistant will be eligible for prizing.

    • Character Name
    • Home World
    • The URL to their Character Profile on Lodestone
    • Preferred In-game Item Prize (See Prize section)
  • Brief comment (Maximum of 400 characters) (optional)

* Your nickname, entry title, and comment will be publicly posted alongside your entry should it be selected.

* Please do not include personal information (such as your real name or address) in your submission.

A screenshot of the video contest submission form, with fields for entrants to enter information such as their home world, character name and nickname before clicking proceed to confirmation.

Once you’ve filled out the required information, select “Proceed to Confirmation” to advance.

3. Confirm the details of your submission. On this screen, you can confirm the information you’ve entered. Make sure there are no errors in the submitted information and select “Submit Entry” to proceed if there are no errors. If you would like to edit your submitted information, select Edit Entry.

Once you finish submitting your entry, the following screen will be displayed.

A screenshot confirming the successful submission of an entry to the video contest. A postmoogle is next to a text box that says the Community team will announce the finalists around mid-October 2023.

You can log back in to see if your Entry has been submitted or if you would like to submit a new Entry to change your existing Entry.

F. Winner Selection:

Finalists: Sponsor shall select a maximum of twenty-five (25) entrants and their listed assistant as finalists based on the following objective criteria (the “Finalists”):

  • Technical quality of the Entry
  • Originality of the Entry
  • Creativity of the Entry
  • Artistic elements of the Entry
  • Follows the theme “Create a short video using in-game footage that showcases your character exploring your favourite zone in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online”.

Winners: Sponsor will display the finalists’ Entries on a special web page before the Fan Festival 2023 in London event, scheduled to be updated on or about mid-October 2023. Voting will be open to anyone with a European Square Enix account with FINAL FANTASY XIV game time (the “Voters”). Voters will select the three (3) winners from the eligible finalists.

G. Prize(s):

Twenty-five (25) finalists and assistants shall each receive one (1) in-game item of their choice from the items below:

  • Ahriman Choker
  • Bluebird Earring
  • Gaelicap
  • Great Paraserpent
  • Mandragora Choker
  • Modern Aesthetics – Strife
  • Noble Barding
  • Scarf of Wondrous Wit
Eight square images of player characters sporting different Final Fantasy 14 in-game items, including hairstyles, fashion accessories, and chocobo wearing the noble barding.

In addition to the above prizes, three (3) winners and their assistant shall each receive the following:

One (1) Loporrit Earrings (an in-game FINAL FANTASY XIV item*).

A close-up of an earring in the shape of the head of a Loporrit, a small-rabbit like creature wearing a cloth hat. The earring is also beset with round purple and blue jewels.

In addition to the above prize, three (3) winners shall each receive the following:

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER | The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars (Signed by Naoki Yoshida) (approximate retail value of £29.99 GBP / € 34.99 EUR / $59.00 AUD)
The cover of the book Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars. It is an illustration of the scions of the seventh dawn against a grey, moonlit background.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER Gaming Mouse Pad (Signed by Naoki Yoshida) (approximate retail value of £34.99 GBP / € 37.00 EUR / $68.80 AUD)
A Final Fantasy 14 themed mousepad featuring illustrated characters of different races as all 20 available jobs. The background is a pattern constructed of the job symbols.

* In-game prizes are non-transferrable with no monetary value and will only be delivered to the character specified upon entry.

In-game item prizes and the physical items listed above are scheduled to be delivered on or about 30 November 2023.

H. Winner Notification: Sponsor, or Sponsor’s designee, will notify winner(s) by or about 22 October 2023 at the Fan Festival in London or on the Fan Festival in London website.

Prizes shall be delivered to the Winners’ address listed on their Square Enix Account. The Winners shall be responsible for ensuring this information is up to date.

I. Sponsor: The Sponsor of this Promotion is Square Enix Ltd.

J. Other:

  • Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify any Entry, in compliance with these Key Rules, at Sponsor's sole discretion.
  • Section 14 of the Additional Rules shall not apply to Entries. Rather, the following term shall apply:

    • By submitting your entry to the Promotion, you grant a license (i.e., permission) for the Sponsor, Sponsor’s affiliate companies, and their agents and licensees to edit, publish, re-post, re-tweet, broadcast, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, publicly perform, publicly display, and otherwise use and exploit your entry (with or without any accompanying comments and information like your handle and profile picture) only for purposes of the Promotion in any and all media throughout the world (if applicable for the particular promotion) for a reasonable period of time, not exceeding five (5) years, without financial compensation, including, without limitation, on the Sponsor’s publicly accessible website(s), social media platform accounts, and all other media and distribution channels whether now known or hereafter invented (if applicable for the particular Promotion). Sponsor may assign or sublicense this license at its discretion.
    • Given the nature of online content, your entry may be available online even after the above license has expired (if applicable). You agree that you shall not hold the Sponsor, the Sponsor’s affiliate companies, their licensees, or any of their employees, officers, agents, or contractors responsible or liable for any use of your entry by third parties either during or after the license period.

By entering the Promotion, you agree to be bound and abide by these Key Rules and the Additional Rules applicable to your place of legal residence, and you represent that you satisfy all eligibility.

For more information about how Sponsor uses your data, see the Additional Rules and visit Square Enix’s Privacy Notice at