Fan Festival 2023-2024 Official Merch Round 2 Available for Pre-order Until 4 September!

29 August 2023
A banner for commemorative merchandise to celebrate the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival 2023-2024. Banner shows multiple products, including stickers, pins, slippers, tote bag, and other goodies.

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders have begun for the second round of new merchandise to commemorate the Fan Festival 2023-2024 events! The merchandise lineup will be different for the Japanese Fan Festival, so don’t wait and pre-order the items you want from this selection today.

Pre-orders are available while supplies last or until Monday, 4 September 2023 at 22:59 (GMT) / 23:59 (BST). The commemorative items are planned to begin shipping early October 2023, so browse through the items on offer, such as figures, apparel, accessories, and more.

EU players: Don't miss out on these London exclusives!

A black hoodie showing an artwork of Gilgamesh, a giant figure in a red helmet with black horns, wearing black and gold armor, towering over London's Tower Bridge.
A pair of green socks with black toes and heels. The socks are covered with green cactuar and red flower patterns. The  words Final Fantasy 14 are seen on the cuffs.
The Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival 2023 scarf, a black scarf with white fringes. Views of both its front and back are displayed.

* Pre-orders are available in North America, Europe, and Japan regardless of Fan Festival attendance.
* To ensure there are no delays for commemorative items arriving before the Fan Festival 2023 in London, please refrain from combining Fan Festival-related pre-orders with pre-orders for other items, as they may have different release dates.

Visit the Square Enix Store to pre-order.