Announcing the Finalists for the Video Contest

July 17, 2023

We're pleased to announce the finalists for the Video Contest entries from the Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas! The following videos were created by our community to showcase their favorite FFXIV class or job!

Furthermore, voting for the Art and Video contest is now open until Friday, July 28 at 4:00 p.m. (PDT) to everyone, so take a look through their amazing work and vote for the one you enjoyed the most! Learn how you can cast your vote.

Entry: V-01
Entry Title: We Are The Dancers
By: Moon

Entry: V-02
Entry Title: Samurai vs Zenos
By: RowzeiChan

Entry: V-03
Entry Title: Conjurer's Guild Advertisement
By: Strawberry

Entry: V-04
Entry Title: Soul of the Machinist
By: Xaewol

Entry: V-05
Entry Title: DRAGOON Knightwalker
By: Hiyuu

Entry: V-06
Entry Title: Don't Be Sad, Just Be BLU!
By: Zertonium

Entry: V-07
Entry Title: Scholar - Smart is Cool
By: Aqua

Entry: V-08
Entry Title: Summoner - Now Fall
By: Kent

Entry: V-09
By: Safaia (Suh-fai-yuh) or Saf

Entry: V-10
Entry Title: FFXIV Fanfest Video Contest 2023
By: Legion Ratfell

Entry: V-11
By: Aldrid

Entry: V-12
Entry Title: Void Mage Black
By: Spoki

Entry: V-13
Entry Title: Ninja Duel
By: Prickly Pear

Entry: V-14
Entry Title: A Love Letter to Black Mage
By: picninium

Entry: V-15
Entry Title: FFFXIV G-Pose Animated Samurai Trailer - Phantom Flesh
By: Advent

Entry: V-16
Entry Title: The Monk
By: Matt

Entry: V-17
Entry Title: Become a Paladin TODAY!!!
By: Lifestream Seekers

Entry: V-18
Entry Title: Harken to the Music: Mages of Equilibrium
By: Rain

Entry: V-19
Entry Title: B U S H I
By: Drago

Entry: V-20
Entry Title: SΔGE
By: Sinarha

Entry: V-21
Entry Title: ""The Thrill"" FFXIV The Warrior Job
By: Chibishibe

Entry: V-22
Entry Title: Take the Red - Red Mage FanFest 2023
By: Sinni

Entry: V-23
Entry Title: Final Fantasy XIV | Training Day | Cinematic
By: Jukari

Entry: V-24
Entry Title: White Autumn
By: Vergil

Entry: V-25
Entry Title: Find Your Rod, Find Yourself
By: Luca