Costume Guidelines

April 21, 2023
Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas Cosplay Guidelines
  • All costumes and clothing must be sensible and appropriate to not expose the body in a way that would be indecent or obscene exposure. If your costume is not deemed appropriate, you will be asked to change by the staff at their sole discretion.

  • Shoes are required to be worn at all times even if the character is depicted as being barefoot.

  • Costumes and props must not obstruct or impede the flow of show floor traffic or entryways. As a rule of thumb, the costume and props should be able to fit through a standard doorway.

  • Costumes cannot be dangerous to the wearer or others. We may refuse to permit anyone possessing potentially dangerous objects to enter Fan Festival at Square Enix’s sole discretion. Such dangerous objects include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Sharpened, pointed, or dangerous objects
    • Majority of the outfit and prop(s) made out of metal
    • Large heavy blunt objects
    • Corrosive, hazardous, flammable, or explosive materials, including liquids and gasses
    • Loud objects such as emergency horns or alarms
    • Any other objects that are, or that appear to be, dangerous to the wearer, to any other Fan Festival attendee, to Fan Festival staff, or to any other person or object.
  • Metal fashioning may be used to accent costume items but must not be used as the primary construction material.

  • Attendees with large costumes, long extensions (such as wings or large props), or costumes that may obscure the wearers visions should have a designated "Handler" to help them maneuver through crowds and hallways. Those without a "Handler" must be able to maneuver on their own, unassisted.

  • Due to strict security measures at the event, please be prepared to remove elements of your costume or props for further inspection if requested.

  • Bags and backpacks are subject to search prior to admission.

Props & Weapons Policy

  • No real weapons are allowed at the event.
  • This includes any type of firearms, swords, knives, any forms of ammunition or projectiles in any form are not permitted on the Convention Floor.
  • Prop weapons must EASILY be distinguishable from real weapons and must be inoperable. They must be constructed from safe, lightweight material, such as wood, plastic, foam, rubber, cardboard, paper, and thermoplastics (worbla, sintra, etc.).
  • Incendiary, spark-creating or other flammable weapons are prohibited. Likewise, any items classified as an ECD (taser, stun-guns, etc.) are prohibited.

Square Enix may update these guidelines at any time in its sole discretion. If any changes are to be made, it will be announced on the Fan Festival website as an update, so please keep an eye out for any updates.