Art Contest Winners

Wednesday February, 27 2019

The talent of the community keeps on growing, and we had an amazing Fan Art Gallery at the event! The attendees have cast their votes and we are now ready to announce our winners!
Click here to view the finalists and winners!

It was our first time holding a contest like this at an event and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! 
Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners.

  • Grand winner

Let Us End this War by Nibu Chuni


  • Runners up

Haurchefant, Confidence in Heaven by Chimaera Inferna

Sword Block by Tamiara Tami

Plum Spring Party by Xaraphiel Tutelar

  • Finalists


Raid Preparations by Yehn'zi Nelhah                                                You Made Me A God of War by Xallan Vanscarter


Lamentation of Shattered Hearts by Wolrin Ji                                                       Heavensward by Tsar'nai Qalli

Memories of Old Friendship by Skelera Nanashi                                                   Caught 'em All ? by Siglianda Dalalar


Elakha & Sinh by Sicae Le                                                                                 Team Stackpig: Alphascape Omeggeddon by Schrykho Kharlu


 Selfie by Sasato Nox                                                                                                      Storm of Blood by Rune Lohjika


 We Fought Lakshmi Together !! by Raat Bey'bi                                                               Tataru's Drawing About How They Used to Be by Nanaho Naho  


Heavensfall by Onyrica Al'erye                                                                        Tsukuyomi by Mirai Hikari


Estinien and Nidhogg by Khaz Neuri                                                                  Beast Tribe - Quest Accepted : "Roasting a New Dish" by I'dril Zarka


The Light is More Beautiful Through the Darkness by Furan Lucis                                                                                       Alpha by Fabled Fox


When the Light is too shine by Evrae Ashitar'ha                                                                Invite to Adventure by Dash Novus


Adventure by Coco Ariyala                                                                   Apple Trees in the Shroud by Cendrillon Nicot


Action Learned ! by Asgard Erwin                                                                           On Top of the City by Alesc F'aherl


 My Feathered Friend Wall Hanging by Phoenix Flame                                                                     Lunar Cry by Khael Zhwan

*The prizes will be delivered to the address registered to your Square Enix Account. 
*The in-game prizes will be delivered before the end of March.