Playable Activities

Monday November, 05 2018

Check out the fun playable activites planned for attendees! 

Fan Festival 2018 brings fun playable activities for everyone to enjoy! This is the perfect opportunity for FFXIV fans to gather together and play on the same team, in the same room, for great fun in a variety of unique activities! Strategize with your fellow players, outline your battle plan, and emerge victorious in a number of specialized challenges throughout the event!

Players can try their hand at a number of exciting activities including:

Yojimbo Special Battle
(8-Player Activity)

We’ve scrounged together just enough gil to hire Yojimbo to appear at the event! Don’t hold back, because he certainly won’t! Gather a full party and see if you can withstand Yojimbo’s legendary blade—Zanmato!

Challenge Roulette
(8-Player Activity)

We’ve taken existing trials and added a few twists for attendees to overcome! Gather your friends, spin the roulette wheel, and tackle these fun challenges!

Eureka Survival Challenge
(4-Player vs. 4-Player Activity)

Group up and race to the finish line against a rival party inside the Forbidden Lands of Eureka! The catch? Your elemental level and gear will leave you extremely… exposed! Can your team overcome the hordes of enemies in your way and make it to the goal first?

Kugane Tower Climb
(Solo Activity)

Take a leap of faith, or several, to make your way up the Kugane Tower! How far can you climb during the time limit? The first 30 attendees each day that make it to the top of the tower and the final jump down to the lamppost below will receive an exciting prize!

The Dueling Circle
(Solo Activity)

Ready… Fight! Go head to head in The Dueling Circle, arcade style! Take on your friends in a 1v1 PvP duel with a twist: you’ll be using an arcade fight stick!

Fashion Leader LIVE
(8-Player Live Activity)

Come show everyone why glamour is the true end-game! Bring the fashionista skills that you’ve honed in the game and see if you can earn the title of Fashion Leader…LIVE!

Gold Saucer Mini-Games

We also brought over several Mini-games from the Manderville Gold Saucer so come on over and partake in the following activities!

Chocobo Racing
(8-Player Live Activity)

The race is on! Roll your gysahl greens down the track as motivation for your ‘bo as it speeds to the finish line! Be the first to the end and bathe in the admiration of your champion chocobo!

Crystal Tower Striker
(Solo Live Activity)

Step up and swing your hammer down at the Crystal Tower Striker! Do you have the strength to send the cactuar soaring to the top!? *No cactuars were harmed in the creation of this mini-game.

Monster Toss
(Solo Live Activity)

Nothing but net! Make as many free throws with your monster within the time limit and rack up those points. We promise these bombs won’t explode!

*Please note that all above listed activities are subject to change.