Announcing the Finalists for the EU Video Contest!

18 October 2023

We're pleased to announce the finalists for the Video Contest entries from the Fan Festival 2023 in London! The following videos were created by our community to showcase their Warrior of Light adventuring in their favourite zone in FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Furthermore, voting for the Art and Video contests is now open until Monday, 30 October at 14:59 (GMT) to anyone with a European Square Enix account, so check out all the entries and cast your vote for your favourite artworks! Learn how you can cast your vote.

Entry: V-01
Entry Title: An Unexpected Warden
By: Yukizuri

Entry: V-02
Entry Title: Untitled
By: Aikhmearkha

Entry: V-03
Entry Title: The Twinning Experience
By: Lanah

Entry: V-04
Entry Title: Vers l'avenir
By: Elioza

Entry: V-05
Entry Title: A Long Fall
By: Jisun

Entry: V-06
Entry Title: Crystarium Sightseeing
By: Aki

Entry: V-07
Entry Title: A Small Step Towards the Party!
By: Mido Rat

Entry: V-08
Entry Title: Il Mheg's Sweet Dreams
By: Monoomii

Entry: V-09
Entry Title: Bounty Hunter
By: Ady

Entry: V-10
Entry Title: Visit Kugane TODAY!
By: Cee

Entry: V-11
Entry Title: Visit the Sea of Clouds
By: Toby

Entry: V-12
Entry Title: Outer La Noscea - The Hermit's Hovel
By: Schwarzwaelder Torte

Entry: V-13
Entry Title: Dances with Dragons
By: Ari

Entry: V-14
Entry Title: Discovering Ishgard
By: Inky

Entry: V-15
Entry Title: Crafting Goes Too Far
By: Karo

Entry: V-16
Entry Title: A Journey Through Mount Rokkon - FINAL FANTASY XIV
By: Russ

Entry: V-17
Entry Title: Der Etwas Andere Abenteurer
By: Nuri

Entry: V-18
Entry Title: How to Train Your Ninja Dog
By: Keia

Entry: V-19
Entry Title: Ode to Flax
By: Rainy Reinne

Entry: V-20
Entry Title: Sanctuary
By: Vernon

Entry: V-21
Entry Title: War Across the Steppe
By: Neon

Entry: V-22
Entry Title: A Night in the Crystarium
By: Siechi

Entry: V-23
Entry Title: Your Island Adventure
By: Migniie

Entry: V-24
Entry Title: Dreaming of Lyhe Mheg
By: Estella

Entry: V-25
Entry Title: Nostalgia - Now and Forever
By: Kiwi