Announcing the Winners of the Art & Video Contests

August 24, 2023

We're pleased to announce the winners for both the Art Contest and Video Contest as voted by the community! Each year we're blown away by the creativity and passion demonstrated by Warriors of Light, and we cannot wait to showcase each category’s winners. Thank you to all the Warriors of Light who submitted entries!

If you missed the finalists for each category, be sure to check them out Art Contest Finalists and Video Contest Finalists.

Entry Title: The Long Road
By: endy

Entry Title: Family Road Trip
By: Rizmy

Entry Title: Don't throw the pastries!
By: Kaishan

Entry Title: The Light Remains
By: Ayre

Entry Title: The Incident
By: San

Entry Title: A Far-off Memory
By: Hollow

Entry Title: Balance of the Eld
By: Juniper

Entry Title: Lalafell Forever
By: Jay Bo

Entry Title: The Long Rest
By: Vi

Entry Title: Dreams and Reflections
By: Otter

Entry Title: Memories (of what???)
By: Chessie

Entry Title: Megashiba Amigurumi
By: Andie

Video Winners

Entry Title: Find Your Rod, Find Yourself
By: Luca

Entry Title: Summoner - Now Fall
By: Kent

Entry Title: Soul of the Machinist
By: Xaewol

* During the second day of Fan Festival, video entries were displayed between stage sessions at the event and on the live stream. While the entry title/entrant names were correct, unfortunately, the three videos shown were not the three winners as announced above. We sincerely apologize for the confusion this has caused.

The winners’ in-game prizes will be delivered to the character specified in each entry and physical prizes will be sent to the address registered to the entrant's Square Enix account.