Registration, Security,
and Event Details

July 13, 2023

The Fan Festival is drawing ever closer and today we’re pleased to share a variety of details for what attendees need to know to prepare for the event. Please review the following information so that you come equipped for the festivities!

As there are multiple areas to cover, please use the following quick jump options:

Event Registration | Wristbands

To identify attendees, we will utilize wristbands that are designed so that they cannot be loosened or removed once they have been tightened around your wrist. Wristbands must be secured snuggly so they cannot be removed and must be worn for the duration of the event. Please ensure that you do not overtighten the wristband. Should you have any issues, please visit the Registration area, and inform staff that your wristband needs to be removed and replaced. Staff will direct any attendee with a loosely worn wristband to tighten it should they appear removable when checked. Lost or misplaced wristbands will not be replaced. Anyone found inside areas which require a wristband who is not wearing one will be removed from the venue.

Event & Registration Location
The event will be held in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, located at the intersection of Paradise Rd. and Convention Center Dr. Registration will take place on the second floor inside the North Hall, with ample signs pointing attendees toward the area. The second floor can be accessed via stairs, escalator, and elevator all located near the entrance to the North Hall – just follow the signs!

Registration Hours
Thursday: 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday (Day 1): 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday (Day 2): 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

What to Bring

  • Your ticket QR code (either printed or on a mobile device)
  • A form of identification (such as a State Driver’s License, ID card, Passport, etc.)

Each ticket has a unique QR code (two unique QR codes for orders with two tickets). Attendees can view individual ticket QR codes using the “View or Print Tickets” button found in their receipt email (Email subject: Your Receipt for FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas). Please have your ID ready to be verified alongside your ticket QR code that displays your name when stepping up to the counter.

You must have a QR code to check in, as you cannot simply show ID to receive a badge. Names are checked against orders and the QR code is required. Also, please note that names (character or real) will not be displayed anywhere.

Example of a ticket page with a QR code.

All orders will be scanned in and must be picked up using one of the following methods:

Single Ticket Pick-up
If picking up a single ticket on an order that has no other tickets, you simply need to show the QR code of your order (or ticket) and ID to the Registration staff to receive your wristband and goody bag.

Orders with Two Tickets
If your ticket is part of an order that contains two tickets, then both tickets may be picked up together or individually. Attendees can decide if they each want to check-in individually or have one person check-in both tickets at the same time. Once a ticket has been checked-in, it can no longer be checked-in later, so be sure to discuss plans ahead of time.

Outside Item Restrictions & Permissions

We have created a brief, non-exhaustive list of items that are prohibited and permitted within the event halls to ensure that security checks conducted before entering the venue proceed smoothly.


No outside food and drink, including alcohol.
No functional weapons, firearms, knives, etc. of any kind.
No strollers, luggage, bags with wheels.
No bags that are larger than the Fan Festival 2023 Goody Bag (8”x 11”) and do not meet our guidelines below. Event staff reserves the right to refuse any bag for any reason.
No selfie sticks.
No folding chairs.
No drones.
No laser pointers or flashlights.
No vaping or smoking within the venue.
No illegal substances or drugs of any kind.
No sharp, hazardous, flammable, glass, or explosive materials.
Any activity prohibited by law and/or prohibited by any Event facilities.


Sealed water bottles.
Clear (empty) plastic reusable bottles. Empty insulated water bottles.*
Cosplay props that have been checked and peace bonded by security staff.
Bags that meet the following guidelines:
The Fan Festival 2023 Goody Bag.
Bags that are the same size or smaller than the Fan Festival 2023 Goody Bag.
Bags received from the Merchandise Booth.
Any prescribed medication that has not been illegally obtained and is being used in its intended dosage.
Any over-the-counter medication being used at the recommended manufacturer dosage level.
Trained service animals.

The above list is not exhaustive, and we reserve the right to make changes or adjustments as necessary without notice.

Updated July 18, 2023 to include EMPTY insulated water bottles. These can be filled inside the main hall at water bottle refilling stations.

Accommodations for Attendees with Disabilities

Square Enix strives to support the Disability Community and the American Disabilities Act (ADA). As part of our effort to support the community, the registration area will have a separate line to accommodate attendees with disabilities. Please proceed directly to the Registration area and do not wait in the general queue line if you need special accommodations. There will be a sign directing attendees within the Registration area labeled "ADA."

When picking up your ticket via the ADA line, you will also receive an additional wristband to designate your ability to utilize the ADA security line and sit in the specially marked areas in the main hall with room for wheelchairs and chairs adjacent to them for a +1.

These seats will have special backings placed on them so that they are easily identifiable. There may not be enough seats to guarantee every attendee with a disability one of the designated seats, and they will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for attendees with disabilities. Should these specially marked seats not be in use during a stage event by an attendee with a disability, then they may be used by other attendees. However, should the seat be needed by an attendee with a disability, then it must be vacated. Note that the location of some seats will change before the PRIMALS concert.

Additional Attendee Amenities

FINAL FANTASY XIV x Pusheen Quiet Room
We have partnered with Pusheen to create a separate space off the show floor for attendees who would like to take a moment to catch their breath and relax without the crowds. The FFXIV x Pusheen Quiet Room is located on the 2nd floor, with ample signage pointing attendees there. There will not be any live stream in this room, and we ask that everyone be mindful of others there and keep any noise to a bare minimum.

Cosplay Room
We have created a separate space off the show floor for attendees who need to adjust or change aspects of the cosplay they’re wearing. We will also be providing a few items that may help to touch up or make minor repairs to a part of your outfit. We will have different changing areas within the room (blocked by curtains), but these are not intended to be used as the main method for changing into or out of a cosplay. There are not enough rooms for everyone to use for that purpose, so please consider this an additional method to assist attendees who need to make some adjustments or changes while at the event.

Also, if you are coming to the event in cosplay, please remember to adhere to all of our costume guidelines.

Food and Beverages
The Las Vegas Convention Center does not allow outside food and drinks to be brought into events. However, should an attendee have dietary restrictions then they are allowed to bring in food as needed for their specific dietary needs. Additionally, sealed water bottles, clear (empty) plastic reusable bottles, or empty insulated water bottles may be brought into the main hall to utilize water bottle filling stations available inside. Updated on July 18, 2023.

Any other food or drinks from outside of the event hall will need to be finished or discarded prior to entry into the event hall. There are several options for attendees to purchase food in and around the event. There is a restaurant and Starbucks located in the North Hall main lobby area and several food carts inside the Fan Festival main hall to purchase food and drinks from throughout Friday and Saturday. There will also be food trucks nearer to the South Hall entrance as an additional option.

Bag Check & Lost and Found

Attendees that need to have a bag, or other item, checked may do so at the FedEx located inside of the North Hall entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For $5 per item, the FedEx staff will store coats or bags for attendees. We recommend leaving large bags/bulkier items at home or hotel room when possible, but this is a backup service that is available should a need arise.

FedEx hours of operation:
Friday, July 28: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, July 29: 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

  • Operation hours updated on July 18, 2023.

Note that should an item not be picked up before closing, it will need to be retrieved the following day.

Lost and Found
Any items that you find that may belong to another attendee may be turned into the Lost and Found at the Registration area. If you misplace an item, please visit the Registration area and ask the staff for assistance.

Event Rules & Regulations

  • You must be at least 13 years of age to purchase a ticket to the event. Those under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian that possesses an event wristband. Guests under the age of 13 and without an event wristband are ineligible to receive a goody bag and participate in activities.

  • Attendees must consent to security searches, including metal detection or other screening measures, before entering the event. All bags will be searched prior to entry, including any bags in the attendee’s possession. We highly recommend leaving bags at home, or your hotel room, to increase the speed of security screenings.

  • As noted, attendee wristbands must be worn at all times and should not be removed for the duration of the event. Wristbands are non-transferable and wristband sharing is strictly prohibited. If a wristband is removed or damaged, it will not be replaced. If you need assistance with the wristband, please consult the staff within the Registration area.

  • The holder of the wristband assumes all risk and danger incidental to the event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the event. The holder of the wristband assumes all risk and danger of being injured as a result of performances and/or demonstrations at the Event.

  • By entering the event, the wearer of the wristband consents to release any and all rights to any photographs, recordings or other images created/produced by Square Enix and its vendors and exhibitors. The wearer of the wristband grants Square Enix, all exhibitors, and media the right, permission, and license to use its name, voice, image and likeness, and releases Square Enix, all exhibitors and media from liability resulting from such use.

  • Service animals are allowed to accompany an attendee into the event. Service animals must be leashed, and you are responsible for your service animal’s actions. Should a service animal become a disturbance to the event, or others, you may be required to remove the service animal from the Event.

  • Attendees may not use personal gaming peripherals, laptops, or electronic storage devices in conjunction with our gaming machines.

  • Any lost or misplaced items that are turned over to Event staff will be held in the registration area.

  • Attendees who are in violation of the above-mentioned rules, or who cause any disruption and/or violate any Square Enix or Las Vegas Convention Center policies, may be asked to leave the premises. Square Enix reserves the right to expel the holder of the wristband from the event and/or withhold the wristband in its sole discretion.

In Closing

We're all here to have a great time and celebrate our love of FFXIV, so let's be sure to be respectful and courteous to each other. If you ever need any assistance, please don't hesitate to find a STAFF member (you can’t miss their bright colored shirts!) who will do their best to help! If there are any points you would like to confirm or questions you have, please visit the FAQ and contact us! We'll see you at the show!