Vote for Your Favorite Art and Video Contest Entries!

July 17, 2023

The voting period for the Fan Festival 2023 in Las Vegas Art and Video Contests has begun! We ask all Warriors of Light to help choose the final winners from among all the entries that made it past the first round.

Art Contest

  • Contestants were tasked with creating an art piece under the theme of "Memories of FINAL FANTASY XIV" in one of four entry categories: Illustrated Works, Screenshot (Unaltered), Screenshot (Altered), or Physical Handcrafted Works.
  • In each of the entry categories, please select three entries that stand out to you as Amazing, Cute, or Fun.

    View the Art Contest Finalists

Video Contest

  • Contestants were tasked with creating a short video using in-game footage to entice viewers to play their favorite class or job in FINAL FANTASY XIV.
  • We invite you to check out their amazing work and vote for the entry that stood out to you the most.

    View the Video Contest Finalists

Voting Period

The voting for the Art and Video contest is open until Friday, July 28 at 4:00 p.m. (PDT)

How to Vote

  1. Head over to the voting submission page and log into your Square Enix account.

You must log in for your votes to be counted. If a login screen is not displayed, we recommend trying again with a different browser.

  1. Once you log in successfully, the following screen will be displayed and will proceed to the voting form.
  1. On the voting form go through each of the voting category and select the entry number which you would like to cast your vote for.

You may not vote for an entry more than once per category. For example, you may not vote for Entry #I-99 in Physical Handcrafted Works for both “Amazing” and “Cute.”

Voting entry number, I-99 to a single voting category is OK.
Voting entry number, I-99 to multiple voting categories is NOT OK.

Where to find the Entry Number

The entry number is located under each art or video entry after "Entry:" followed by a single letter and an entry number.


Sample entry image showing an example art piece and text that indicating the entry number.
  1. Once you’ve cast all your votes, click on the "Proceed to Confirmation" to verify your votes are correct.
  1. Once you’ve verified your votes, click on the "Submit Entry" button. If you need to fix your votes, click on the "Edit Entry" button.
  1. Awesome! Your votes have been submitted. Thank you!

You may only submit your votes once. If multiple votes are submitted, only your last vote will be counted.

Winners of the Art and Video Contests are scheduled to be announced on or around July 29, 2023.