Announcing the Winners of the Art Contest

Wednesday November, 28 2018

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 North American Fan Festival Art Contest!

We challenged artists across the realm to capture their take on the spirit of FINAL FANTASY XIV and as always, our community rose to the occasion. It was no small feat for our development and operations teams to select our finalists from so many brilliant and creative entries!

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Digital Art Category

1st Place, Grand Prize Winner
From The Ashes
Robin Vogel / Cactuar

2nd Place
From The The Hound of Ishgard
Apple Strudel / Lamia

3rd Place
Haurchefant Greystone
Meadow Haven / Faerie


Physical Art Category

1st Place, Grand Prize Winner
Wind-up Eorzea
Yule Ysthiva / Cactuar

2nd Place
Wedding Suite Rug
Arias Eventide / Cactuar

3rd Place
Reyha Jinh / Faerie

Digital Art Finalists
Friends across the world
Devon Landale / Behemoth
Yuel Atra / Cactuar
Next Fantasy
Danya Nyan / Cactuar
The Dawn Throne
Leo Sinclair / Balmung
The Sun and The Moon
Luna Solstice / Diabolos
A Song from her Memory
Tsubari Urusa / Adamantoise
Little Sprouts' First Adventure
Ren Kurosaki / Diabolos
Nanashi Namae / Diabolos
The Adventure Continues
Aurelia Lucine / Sargatanas
Kiiro Kat / Faerie
A Little Help
Devon Ellwood / Balmung
Because Priorities
Rhea Zaheela / Balmung
Preparing for New Adventure in The Whistling Miller
Popoko Mu / Balmung
Welcome to the Enclave!
Lulumi Lumi / Excalibur
Whispy Will / Diabolos
Raih'a Bajihri / Balmung
Kirsche Ketska / Cactuar
Light Party!
Pippi Purin / Excalibur
Isse Yuuji / Balmung
We Are Scions of the Seventh Dawn!
Ferox Fulgur / Tonberry
Azim Moonfall
Hal Goro / Cactuar
Tiny and Mighty
Berri Lou / Hyperion
Kismet Feray / Leviathan
A Brief Respite
Ruby L'fey / Gilgamesh
Bloometh the Rose
Io Luda / Behemoth
These Precious Memories
Jade Quarry / Cactuar
Be Legendary
Seitsuda Hironiwa / Balmung
Lunar Repose
Aluze Walkure / Exodus
Zypharia Liii / Cactuar
Kesrah Sohk / Jenova
Enko Namaki / Balmung
Haitolui Zhabataar / Faerie
Krazy for Korpokkurs
Shabon Sweetpool / Cactuar
Under the Moonlight
Shino Kusanagi / Exodus
Alexander vs.
Slaine Sama / Cactuar
Look to Those Who Walked Before
Lan Elessel / Cactuar

Physical Art Finalists
Hidden Kingdom
Urchin Angelr'eel / Diabolos
Lupin Pillow
Chezara Asura / Balmung
Paissa, Taking it Easy
Goku Kinto-un / Balmung